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Opioid Addiction Treatment services offered in Vienna and Sterling, VA

Opioids include prescription drugs, as well as illegal narcotics, both of which can lead to addiction. Lauren Grawert, MD, and her team at Inspire Behavioral Health in Vienna and Sterling, Virginia offer expert opioid addiction treatment for people struggling to overcome dependence. To find out how you can free yourself with medication-assisted opioid addiction treatment, call Inspire Behavioral Health today or book an in-person or telemedicine appointment online.

Opioid Addiction Treatment Q&A

What is opioid addiction?

Opioid addiction is a widespread crisis in the United States. Heroin, an illegal opioid, has been causing severe addiction problems for many years. However, more recently, addiction rates have been rising because of prescription opioids.

These drugs are powerful painkillers. Ones like fentanyl and morphine treat the most extreme forms of pain, such as post-surgery, severe trauma, and cancer symptoms. Many other opioids are available on prescription for conditions like disabling back pain.

Although these drugs can be highly effective for short- to mid-term pain relief, continual use has some drawbacks.

Opioid potency tends to decrease as your body gets used to the drug, so you need more to achieve the same impact. Opioids are also very addictive. In recent years there’s been a dramatic increase in hospital emergency room visits caused by opioid overdoses.

When might I need opioid addiction treatment?

Opioid addiction treatment can help if you depend on heroin or prescription painkillers.

People experiencing opioid addictions focus so intensely on the drug that it overshadows all other aspects of life. They often struggle to stay off opioids and have relapses that impair their academic, social, family, and work lives.

You could have an addiction if you find it impossible to get through the day without your opioids. Other signs of opioid addiction include:

  • Seeking illegal supplies
  • Taking excessive doses
  • Spending money you can’t afford
  • Losing interest in studies or work
  • Relationship and family breakdowns
  • Not eating properly
  • Lack of self-care
  • Inability to think of anything but your next dose

People with severe opioid addictions can lose their jobs, homes, and families yet still can't stop using.

Addiction research confirms it’s a neurobiological disease rather than a willpower problem. Treating opioid addiction is challenging, but with help from the Inspire Behavioral Health team, you have a far better chance of beating your addiction.

What does opioid addiction treatment involve?

Opioid addiction treatment generally consists of psychotherapy and medication. Inspire Behavioral Health’s Dr. Lauren Grawert is a board-certified addiction psychiatrist who provides outpatient-based opioid addiction therapy. 

Psychotherapy involves talking with a skilled psychiatrist or a specially trained drug counselor.  Through carefully guided discussion and insight-oriented motivational therapy, your provider helps you understand why you have an opioid addiction and what you can change to overcome the problem.

Medications can play a key role in opioid addiction treatment. For example, buprenorphine helps to reduce the effects of withdrawal.

The Inspire Behavioral Health team can guide your path to recovery in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. Call the office today or book an appointment online.

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